The Tribe

Our Beloved Team

Angelica H.

Angel is a deep and wise soul.  A highly regarded Reiki Master, she hosts powerfully therapeutic Reiki sessions here at Soul Seed!  She is an amazing soul and wants nothing more than to enrich the lives of everyone she comes into contact with.  With her strong healing ability, she has healed countless people and has a following of devoted fans who come to her for alignment and guidance.  With knowledge once known only to the ancients, she will inspire the greatness that's always been inside of you!  Come in for a Reiki session or a reading with her and feel invigorated and energized like never before!  Oh, and don't forget to grab one of her incredibly potent Angel-made soothing migraine packs too!

Brian K.

He is a mysterious soul, but a good egg.  Brian knows the struggle that the heart and mind can endure making him kind and understanding.  He is a natural healer, an empath that loves to host meditation sessions here at Soul Seed to help those who are new to meditation or to just enjoy the ride!  He can cheer up an entire room with his puppy-like energy, and honestly, he doesn't even know what it means to be "too happy".  His art is oftentimes breathtaking but even then, to him, his works are never complete.  When holding his art you can feel his devotion to detail and caring energy in every wire-wrap he brings to life.  He loves the praise he gets from presenting his custom jewelry and will gladly work closely with you to create a stunning piece, a one of a kind he'll hand-craft just for you. 

Jessica S.

Jess is a beautiful soul, a highly skilled artist and Reiki Master who's passion for both is evident just by standing next to her.  She too makes wire-wraps and other jewelry that garners a feeling of precious rarity when held in ones hand or worn on your finger.  To experience her art is to be stricken with intense emotion and great appreciation for the love and energy she gently imbues every piece with.  She is probably the rowdiest and most energetic soul in this lineup and will bring a smile to anyone she meets, but don't let that fool you, when it's time to practice Reiki and heal someone, her empath instincts kick into high gear and her Reiki skills become immediately evident.  People walk away from her Reiki and Tarot sessions feeling absolutely pure and enlightened.

Andy S.

Andy makes amazing jewelry that Brian may or may not want to sell, well at least not one he's been wearing for over a week now!  His necklaces just feel so soft to the touch!  He is a serious individual, especially when it comes to making his necklaces tough yet gentle, beautiful and classy, but every so often he enjoys popping off a joke that'll have the whole place cracking up! 


She is a curious artist, always pushing the boundaries she comes up with some very special and unique styles all her own.  Witness her wonderful works that we are glad to have in our family run shop here in Glenside PA.

Lisa M.

Bath bombs.  Handmade, she makes em, they smell amazing.  Drop em in the bath, enjoy em.  Bath bombs are awesome, but these are even awesomer now that local artist Lisa M. makes them for us!

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