Custom jewelry and other art by Brian

Hello, I'm Brian and I am my absolute happiest when I get to do my art, and between you and I; EVEN MORE rewarded down through my core to recieve all of the appreciation and incredible feedback from amazing people such as yourself; earth dwellers & lovers of art, those curious with their first order, and those that are coming back for more!


Browse the gallery above to get an idea for my pricing and make sure to follow the instructions bellow!


Starting with wire wrapped jewelry:

  1. Add at least one stone to your cart. (Unless you're sending your own in to get wrapped/modified)
  2. In the comments section bellow, mention which stone(s) you want wrapped and what kind of Jewelry you want made.  Don't be bashful here, I love a challenge.
  3. Three levels of detail [Swift][Hawk][Falcon] (Think Bronze-Silver-Gold) Selecting any of the [Swift] options will get you a lovingly crafted piece that I will pour a ton of my attention into.  Selecting any of the [Hawk] options will get extra hours of attention, added detail, added features, but all of my pieces recieve nothing but love and good vibes.  Selecting [Falcon] option is the highest ranking option and will take a good amount of extra time, often more than a week or two of soul searching and tediously careful labor.  Falcon level pieces may also demand extra resources and materials.
  4. If a level is selected but is not high enough to encompass your creative ideas, I will kindly reach out to you(Include at least your email - phone number is prefered as texting is easier - Calls work too) ^_^
  5. Turn around time can vary as orders continue to flood in, I will give you an estimated time to ship within two days of receiving your order.  We here at Soul Seed are always Energy First, I will only work on your jewelry or art with good energies, otherwise I wait for the optimal frequencies to fill the air before bending even one wire or carefully making a single cut into wood.  There is a reason you came to Soul Seed for your custom.  If there are any delays whatsoever after you receive an estimated shipment date, I will reach out to you with those updates.


I also make custom art such as wooden cups, lamps, jewelry stands, boxes.  For these options, use the [Rise] and [Ascended] options.  Again, if you select an option too low for the scope of your imagination and what you want out of the piece, I will work with you to find a common ground for pricing your one-of-a-kind custom.  ^_^ NAMASTE ^_^

    Please choose an energy level

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