Image by Barthelemy de Mazenod

12 E. Glenside Avenue

Glenside, Pa  19038


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We Are Energy First

Love Message From Brian..."cofounder of Soul Seed"

Our roots run deep, and you are why. We welcome you with kind and loving intention, open arms and open minds, warm vibes and energies we all strive to receive and achieve. In doing so, our tribe grows with you, our friend, one tree-ring at a time. One can tell the age of an old oak tree by its rings, our tribe contains infinite rings, just as a seed has infinite possibilities. Our goal here is to unlock and awaken those senses and abilities, to equip everyone with the tools and knowledge that time has long since forgotten. With the help of the earth we all stand on, the air we all breathe, and the bright fires that glow inside of us, we manifest our wildest dreams. Through more positive lifestyle choices, through making new friends and deepening existing relationships, through getting back in touch with who you truly are, a rain of fresh invigorating energy will wash over you, cleansing you of all the densities and weight of modern living. Something amazing happens when one cultivates their own growth, when one mines beauty from our earth and spreads it's appreciation, when one reaches deep inside and humbly begins to disassemble and rebuild the power within. An incredible surge of excitement and awe inspiring positivity awaits us with your arrival! We simply can't wait to see you and to see what you do with all of this abundance!