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Carnelian Large Palm Stone

Carnelian Large Palm Stone

Gemological info: Carnelian is a hard silicate (tectosilicates, silica group) mineral and a

variety of Chalcedony. As a gemstone material, it is often used for cameos and beads or

cut as cabochons. It can often be found in antique jewelry and can be uniform in color

or faintly banded. The best Carnelian stones are said to be from India where people

place it in the sun to assist a change from brown to tints of orange and red.


Metaphysical Properties: Carnelian represents the cauldron of the body’s lower three

chakras. With its fiery and hot spirit that stimulates the root chakra, it is associated

with taking bold action and helps circulate vital energy to your center which contains

your powerful creative instincts and deepest sexual desires. The stone also

strengthens concentration and helps in understanding the inner self.


Astrological sign: Virgo

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