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Oxfordtide Bathbombs (6 pack)

SAVE MONEY!  Buy this 6 pack of Lisa's wonderful Oxfordtide bathbombs and save $6.64  You're basically getting a bathbomb for FREE and another $2.20 on top of that!  ***A little healers hint from us to you: Many of our Reikied stones and crystals are close to that price range wink;)wink


Please use the customization field below to pick your scents.  Scents out of stock will be replaced with a random scent that you've already chosen.  For example, let's say you picked 4 Zen and 2 Eucalyptus, however we may only have 1 Eucalyptus left in stock, we would then add another Zen for you since it would seem you really like Zen.  If you don't fill in any information, we will hand pick a great and varied selection for you!  Enjoy these potent and spiritualy powerful, yet gentle and luxurious additions to your cozy me-time bath.  Namaste!






>Oatmeal Milk & Honey



    $26.64 Regular Price
    $20.00Sale Price
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