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Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone

Gemological info: Composed of sodium and potassium aluminosilicate, Rainbow Moonstone

refers to a type of Labradorite that displays a vivid blue or multicoloured adularescence (an

optical effect where a stone appears to glow from within). It belongs to the Feldspar family

which is a rock-forming mineral that is abundant in the Earth’s crust.


Metaphysical Properties: Rainbow Moonstone is believed to restore harmony and balance

of energies. It also brings hope and sparks creativity. Many people use the stone to boost their

intuition and perception, and understand visions deeply. In the Hindu culture, Rainbow

Moonstone is associated with the Vishuddha or the throat chakra. And being connected to the

throat chakra, it can bring about truth and honesty in speech. It also helps meld the physical

and spiritual realms and assist its user in remembering their dreams.


Astrological sign: Cancer

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