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Ruby Ziosite

Ruby Ziosite

Gemological info: Zoisite is a calciumaluminiumhydroxy sorosilicatebelongingto the

epidotegroupofminerals. Zoisite occurs asprismatic, orthorhombic crystals or in

massive form,beingfoundinmetamorphic andpegmatitic rock. It is anoxide anda

type of Corundum.


Metaphysical Properties: Also knownas Anyolite (Ruby zoisite). This combinationstone

combines theproperties of ruby andzoisite. A combinationstone, ruby inzoisite activates

the crownchakra, creates analteredstate of consciousness andfacilitates access to soul

memory andspiritual learning. It canbe extremelyhelpful insoulhealingandpast-life work.


Astrological sign: Cancer and Gemini

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